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Commercial Office and Janitorial Cleaning Services

Create an office environment that your employees love. From janitorial cleaning services to weekly apartment lobby cleaning, no job is too big or small.​

Welcome to Casey’s Cleaning™ Office and Janitorial Services. We are the professional office cleaning company to meet your office cleaning needs. We offer a variety of cleaning services; including apartment lobbies and hallways, doctors offices, AirBnB cleanings, trendy open office spaces, post construction cleanups, and much more.

We understand there are many commercial cleaning companies out there…So, what separates Casey’s Cleaning from other office cleaning services?

The Casey’s Cleaning™ Difference

Casey’s Cleaning™ aims to provide you with the best office cleaning services you can imagine. We’re in the commercial cleaning industry to build long-term relationships.  We’re proud to be a local, family-owned and operated business. 

Our generous staff is fully equipped with all of the tools, products, and procedures to ensure a quality and timely office cleaning every time. We use as many eco-friendly cleaning products as possible.

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All of our office cleaners have passed thorough background checks. They also have cleaning experience, show up on time, and intuitively know how to make an office space feel and look great. We are fully insured and bonded and are committed to customer satisfaction.

Whether you need a deep clean, carpets swept, general bathroom and break room cleaning, or want to say hi, please fill out the form below to start your sparkling clean work environment.

Office Cleaning

So, you’re looking to have the office cleaned. Who in the world enjoys cleaning after dirty co-workers and employees anyway? Oddly enough, we do! 

When you look around your office, how often does the coffee residue leave nasty stains on the countertops? And bathrooms…nobody likes cleaning those, but we’re happy to address them to your standards. Some jobs are easy enough to clean yourself, but with our flexible and professional cleaning team, you can get back to focusing on your business, versus the tedious cleaning tasks.

Having a clean office space can help create a winning culture. A clean office results in employees being happier, and clients notice the professional environment.

Attention to detail is our core value, and if you’re looking for quality services, be sure to schedule a free, customized cleaning quote or consult.

Office Cleaning
Post Construction Cleaning

Post Construction Cleanup

Maintaining a spotless and safe-free facility is one concern property managers, and building owners have, especially in the midst of construction. No one wants visitors to leave with the wrong impression of your business. Whether it’s the need for removing construction debris, or the final cleaning details, we always keep your company image and building appearance in mind. We’ve learned that to keep things as organized and clean as possible; we must be flexible with our availability. Whether you need daily debris cleanup, or last-minute re-clean before opening, we’re at your services.

We are aware there are significant concerns about the safety of construction sites, no matter how big or small. We are fully trained in safety procedures, including specific procedures needed when cleaning up construction areas. Whether it’s hard hats, safety glasses, boots, or heavy duty gloves for carrying debris, we provide our staff with the necessary protective equipment.

We will work diligently on your construction site to contribute to the success of your project while delivering excellence in every facet of construction cleaning. With strict quality control and hands-on approach, we are personally trained to pay close attention to detail, and take all precautions to avoid damages. Our priority is to make sure that your job site remains clutter free, always keeping in mind safety first. At the end of every job, the supervisor will thoroughly inspect the site before turning over the project and answer any questions you may have. We have extensive experience in all types of commercial construction clean up including both pre-and-post construction detail cleaning.

Committed to Customer Satisfaction

We understand you may have a list of things that you want to have cleaned. It is our responsibility to help you address these areas on a consistent basis. We will take the time and effort to exceed your expectations. Your satisfaction is our number one priority.

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